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Aitutaki's Only Private Island Resort

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"A quick note to thank you for your hospitality at Aitutaki Lagoon Resort & Spa.The service from our time of arrival was warm and welcoming – James was on hand with smiles, eis and nu. Ake was friendly and made check in simple and easy. The room was spotless, well lit and very comfortable – loved the outdoor shower!

"Upon our return later that evening, we were able to sneak in dessert at your restaurant – the treats on the menu were delicious.The restaurant was bustling with foreign languages and accents – it had a great ambience, lighting and setting.

"At breakfast the next morning we were welcomed by Peni who was friendly and efficient. The breakfast was nothing short of amazing! We enjoyed every bite of our degustation breakfast! So much so we have told everyone who will listen – we have also recommended it to friends who are travelling over this weekend – as far as we are concerned everyone MUST try your breakfast menu. 

"Thank you again for finding a room for us – especially at such a busy time.

"Oh and I also forgot to mention….no bugs - mosquitos and sand-flies in particular!"

Much appreciated


The sublime Aitutaki Lagoon Resort & Spa rests effortlessly on its own secluded, private island of Motu Akitua - the ONLY private island resort in the Cook Islands.

Just a 2 minute ride from the main island of Aitutaki by small private ferry, the isle of Motu Akitua (Akitua Private Island) is encircled by broad, expansive beaches the colour of champagne.

From here, you as our guest are able to enjoy the ONLY resort facing directly onto the world's most beautiful lagoon, and from here, you can drink in spell-binding views of one of the Wonders of the World to your heart's deep content.

Nothing will prepare you for the intensity, the vibrancy, the omniscience of the lagoon's blue expanse. So intense, so expansive, it is not just a colour you see, it is a blue you feel with every fibre of your being.

This is the reason you have journeyed all the way across the oceans ... to see, to feel, to truly experience the World's Most Beautiful Lagoon for yourself. 

Staying at Aitutaki Lagoon Resort & Spa, you will have the opportunity not just to see Aitutaki Lagoon as a day tourist might, but to really experience this true Wonder of the World in all its moods.

As day breaks, take your beloved by the hand and stroll in the morning stillness. Lithe, long-legged herons will be out, dipping elegantly into the lagoon's placid glaze. Crabs will be emerging to warm themselves in the day's new sun. And sleeping fishes will be awakening to the day's new thrill.

Over a breakfast of succulent, sweet tropical fruits and fresh-baked pastries, gaze out as the sun fires up this mystical lagoon into a vibrant, super-real intensity of blue such as you've never seen before, nor will again.

As the day unfolds, watch as the sun lights up the tiny motu (isles) floating upon the horizon into verdant green, green dots bob, bob, bobbing on a sea of blue.

This is indeed a heady combination - the clear South Pacific sun, the swathes of fine white sands, the stillness of your own private island enclave, the big blue sky above, and the endless, everpresent blueness of the lagoon below. A colour so all-embracing you will find yourself willingly succumbing to its power, a power to transfix you into a new state of stillness.

As the day draws to a close, gaze out as the lagoon is transformed into a blaze of oranges, pinks, yellows and reds playing on its surface. Aitutaki Lagoon Resort & Spa enjoys beautiful views of the blazing tropical sunsets across the water. 

Soon after, the big blue sky will transform into a dark, velvety canopy sparkling with a million, trillion diamonds.

And as the big, fat yellow moon rises, you will recall that the channel which divides your private island sanctuary from the main island of Aitutaki is named O'otu Channel - Full Moon Channel - in remembrance of that night so very long ago when the chiefly Ru - having voyaged across the ocean in his grand Polynesian vaka with his entourage of wives, maidens, brothers and warriors - was the first man to gaze upon Aitutaki, by the light of the full moon.

Paradise is a much-overused word, but perhaps nowhere is it more apt than here. You will find there are many diversions to dip into, but so often, the simple pleasures will seem more than sufficient.

Loll on the beach, laze in a hammock, take a languid dip in the luminous lagoon, relax deeply into one another's company, re-discover the best in yourself and each other.

In this place, this paradise, you have the time and the space to rekindle your own good humour, to relight the fire and passion in your embrace, and to truly live in the moment.

From the safe sanctuary and seclusion afforded by your own island hideaway, your mind, body and soul have the opportunity to be healed of life's workaday stresses. Your spirit has a chance to renew itself as you gain a fresh, more balanced perspective on what's truly important in your life. This is the luxury of distance, the ultimate luxury of your own private island sanctuary.

Nothing quite prepares you for the deep peace and tranquillity of being on your own private island resort. But once you've experienced the uniqueness, the specialness of it, nothing else ever quite measures up.

This is alluring Aitutaki. When you leave, a piece of it will stay in your heart for always, yearning to return to the place on Earth closest to Heaven.

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