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SpaPolynesia Signature ‘ROROMI’ Traditional Cook Islands Full Body Massage

Unwind. De-stress. Ease into your Aitutaki escape with an authentic traditional Cook Islands Roromi (also called, Romi Romi) massage. We use beautiful fragrant coconut oil to feed the skin and help deeply relax tired and tense muscles and uplift your body, spirit and soul.


SpaPolynesia Signature ‘NITA’ Seasonal Fresh Fruit Tropical Body Wrap

A nourishing and moisturing wrap to feed the skin, utilising the lush bounty of fresh tropical seasonal  fruits, such as ripe Papaya,  Coconut or Starfruit found on our Island Paradise.


‘PAI’ Hydrating Facial Treatment

A highly concentrated Active-Ingredient Cocktail, ideal for dry and mature skin. An infusion of serums delivers outstanding moisturising and conditioning properties for even the thirstiest of skins.


Express or Deluxe Mani/Pedi

Get your nails looking their best. Options from a simple file, shape and polish application, to a full scrub, massage and polish application.