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Your uber-romantic Aitutaki Private Island Wedding

You will have seen postcard-perfect shots of Aitutaki Lagoon. You will have read about this being acclaimed as the World’s Most Beautiful Lagoon. You may even have heard from lucky friends or family about how they were absolutely blown away by Aitutaki's stunning majesty.

Nothing however, will truly prepare you for being there. The endless, intoxicating expanse of the lagoon. The way in which the biggest sky in the world melts into the bluest lagoon on Earth. The champagne sands as fine as castor sugar. The deep peace of living, breathing to the rhythm of the Aitutaki sun, the stars, the moon, the tides. The space to re-discover yourself, and each other. The sound of one wave lapping. Here you experience not so much the sound of one hand clapping, as the sound of one wave lapping. A lagoon so serene, so super-natural, that it holds a part of your soul in its hypnotic spell for always. This is destination “I do”. A dream destination, yes, but in truth, more a destiny.

Let the memories of your dream wedding at Aitutaki Lagoon Private Island Resort serve as your inspiration forever of how much the two of you were meant for each other. Melt together into the now, the now of declaring your eternal love before the expanse of eternal Aitutaki.

When you say “I do” on the shores of Sunset Beach at the Aitutaki Lagoon Private Island Resort, you exchange vows on your own private beach, on your own private island, standing before the most beautiful lagoon on Earth.

  • No other resort can offer you this, because no other resort sits right on fabled Aitutaki Lagoon. This is your magical dream wedding, at one of the world's favourite resorts, right on the World's Most Beautiful Lagoon.
  • No other resort sits on Motu Akitua Private Island, your private island resort hideaway for that peace and privacy you crave. 
  • No other resort offers you the fine, long swathe of palm-fringed champagne sands of Sunset Beach, with glorious views of the sun setting across the lagoon. 
  • No other resort offers you such a perfect intimate tropical island beach wedding - your 'Over The Moon' Wedding Package, ideal for just the two of you or for celebrating with friends and family. 
  • No other resort offers you the stunning Oneroa Beach Chapel or Kuriri Point Gazebo with absolutely spell-binding lagoon vistas.
  • No other resort on Aitutaki offers you enchanting Overwater Bungalows, the only ones in the Cook Islands.
  • And no other resort offers a truly Polynesian-style luxury private pool villa for your weddingmoon, the magnificent Royal Honeymoon Pool Villa Te Arau, chosen by celebrities such as Australia's sweetheart, TV celebrity and ‘Getaway’ travel show host, Catriona Rowntree, and handsome husband James Pettit, for their honeymoon haven.

The beauty here is so jaw-dropping, you’ll feel like you’ve died and gone to Heaven.

That’s when you’ll know that your wedding in Paradise, on the soft sandy shores of the most beautiful lagoon in the world, was meant to be.

Here, on eternal Aitutaki. For always.